The Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies provides transcripts to our students and alumni who wish to transfer their credit hours to other educational institutions. Many brotherhood colleges, universities, and schools of preaching accept GSOP credit hours.

Requests for transcripts should be directed to the campus office(s) where the credit was earned. Unofficial transcripts may be obtained from the GSOP campus office(s) where the student attended class. Please see the campus Director where you attend(ed) for more information.

Official GSOP Transcripts are mailed directly from our offices to the college, university, or school of preaching where the GSOP student is transferring.

There is no cost for the first transcript. For information on multiple transcript requests, please contact our GSOP Main Office at 770-971-9933.

For more information about obtaining your transcript, please fill out the form below and someone will contact you.

Transcript Request Form

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