The Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies opened its doors in the Fall of 1999.

The elders of the Piedmont Road church of Christ in Marietta, Georgia, had long planned to establish a local school for the training of preachers and Christian workers, and to make this effort a regular part of the outreach and local work of the Piedmont Road congregation.

The original charter for the school mandated a, “doctrinally sound, academically strong, and functionally capable,” school of preaching and biblical studies. The Piedmont Road elders wanted to make the school’s classes available to all students, with special emphasis for those who had a desire to preach. An additional goal was to structure class schedules to accommodate students with career and family obligations.

Many schools were examined as potential models, and considerable hours of discussion and prayer went into formulating the structure of GSOP. The template ultimately chosen was that of the Nashville School of Preaching hosted by the Crieve Hall church of Christ, and directed by Dr. Tom Holland.

Borrowing Nashville’s balanced curriculum of study, effort was made to carefully select faithful, gospel preachers (most with graduate level training and over twenty years of experience in ministry) to serve as instructors. Congregations from around the Atlanta metro area allowed their preachers to join the GSOP faculty. Traditionally, our instructors have been degreed professionals in biblically-related disciplines, each with long tenures in ministry. Adjunct instructors are occasionally utilized for special courses and projects.

Since 2005, GSOP has effected changes designed to broaden our outreach. Satellite campuses have been established in locations throughout Georgia, with more planned for the future. In 2011, we began offering both archived and webinar online courses, streaming video of classes in session, weekend seminars and short courses.

Being, “biblically sound, academically strong, and functionally capable,” remains the focus of the Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies. Our resolve to train workers for greater service in the Lord’s church is stronger than ever. Our aim is to provide quality biblical instruction in every possible format and medium. We want our courses to be available to all who have a desire to learn and grow in their knowledge of the Word of God.

We are thankful for all the years since 1999, and we look forward, the Lord willing, to a bright future for GSOP.