The Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies is a non-profit, educational institution sponsored by, and affiliated with, churches of Christ in Georgia. Our school has a network of campuses located throughout the state, with plans for additional locations in the future. We also offer an archived curriculum of online and streamed courses designed for those students who cannot attend a local campus. Each location operates independently, and is overseen by a local eldership and campus director who plan and implement the daily operations for their respective campus.

GSOP is a tuition free, Bible-based, school designed to prepare not only preachers, but all Christians, for more effective and fruitful service in the Lord’s church. Our mission statement embraces the objective stated by Paul in Ephesians 4:11-16. Our primary goal is to, “…equip the saints for the work of ministry…” The role we fill in this process is to augment and complement the training that takes place in both the home and the local church. Our alumni, both male and female, serve in a variety of ways in the communities and congregations where they live. They are encouraged to maintain as a lifetime pursuit a thorough, ongoing study and examination of the Bible.

There are no academic entrance requirements to our program. As one of our founders often said, “we want anyone to feel welcome to come and study with us.” Many of our students are members of churches of Christ, but not all. We invite anyone, from any walk of life or religious background, to become a part of our large and diverse student body. Just bring your Bible, a notepad, and a desire to study, learn, and grow.

Our instructors are, themselves, lifelong students of The Word. They bring to the classroom an unwavering dedication to a sound, thorough hermeneutic and exegesis of Scripture. GSOP instructors are, above all, faithful Christians – each with a distinguished tenure of service in ministry, and are academically qualified to instruct at the college level. They possess earned degrees from accredited academic institutions, as well as multiple years of experience in local church work, evangelism, missions, counseling, and related disciplines.

Our curriculum is a comprehensive, balanced, thirty-six (36) hour program of study which may be completed in as few as six consecutive quarters (two calendar years). Though class sizes vary, all courses involve close interaction between instructor and student. Independent Study courses are also available on an, “as-needed,” basis. Students have the option to take courses for credit or audit, while pursuing a path of study toward earning one of two certificates upon graduation. GSOP course credit is transferable to select schools of preaching and undergraduate institutions affiliated with churches of Christ.

Thank you for visiting our, “online campus.” Once you have navigated this website, if there are questions, we invite you to contact us. Our school strives to maintain the identical mindset of service and sacrifice that Christ modeled before the world of His day. It is our honor and privilege to assist each of you in your study of God’s Word, as we share with you the desire and perpetual challenge to, “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Please…Come take a course, and bring a friend!