Greetings to all our GSOP family and interested followers.

This blog will highlight our school – along with items of interest to every Bible student. Previously, this weekly article was a part of our home campus’ church bulletin. Spatial limitations, coupled with growing congregational needs, mandated that we find a different home. Truthfully, it is more than a little liberating to live on our own street, enjoy some breathing room, and not be in competition with countless other sections of information on missions, youth, benevolence, or some other concern. Here, we can kick off our shoes, stretch out with our Bibles in hand, and simply learn.

The Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies is unique in our brotherhood. Employing the highly successful model of schools such as University of Phoenix and Strayer University, we like being around every corner in Georgia and Alabama.

We relish utilizing church buildings that would otherwise sit by in empty darkness. We embrace tapping into the treasures of learned, scholarly, faithful, sound brethren – who teach at every GSOP campus. We thrill at the thought of offering a top-quality education on a tuition-free platform. Somebody’s paying a hefty tab for our services – just not our students.

Our alumni serve the Lord;s church as preachers, elders, deacons, Bible class teachers, missionaries, and in many other ways. We open our classes to anyone and everyone who wishes to study with us. But, we limit our courses to the study of truth from the sacred pages of the Bible, and of disciplines related to ministry.

One day soon, you’ll see us around the corner at a church of Christ near you. Or, this summer you will see us in the Great Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee – as we begin a cherished partnership with “Polishing the Pulpit.”

We welcome you to take one of our live streaming courses, or one of the courses that are archived in HD on our website. Bring your Bible and a friend, and spend a few months studying with us. You’ll never be the same…and neither will we.

See you in a class very soon.





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