The Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies employs a standard grading system for courses being taken for “Credit.” The grading system is as follows:

A – 90 – 100
B – 80 – 89
C – 70 – 79
D – 60 – 69
F – 0 – 59
I – Incomplete

GSOP Instructors have the liberty to enforce a more stringent grading curve if they so choose. For instance, a particular Instructor may choose to limit an “A” grade to a scale of 95-100, or a “B” to 89-94, etc. Grading scale changes are usually noted on the course syllabus, or discussed by the Instructor in class at the beginning of the quarter.

All course grades are considered final, and will appear as such on the student’s permanent record and transcript. A grade of “I” (Incomplete) may be erased from a student’s permanent record if the student completes all class work and/or assignments within a full quarter’s duration (7-13 weeks), or a time period specified by the Instructor. If such requirements are not met, the student will receive a final grade determined by the Instructor, which could involve a grade of “F” (Failing) for the course.

If a student declares at the beginning of a course that he/she wishes to take the course for “Credit,” any re-classification of the student’s status to “Audit” must be done within the first three weeks of the course. The student is responsible for notifying the Instructor of any desired change in status within this time period.

Class participation also plays an important part in the student’s course grade. The Instructor will usually define the parameters of this requirement during the first class session of a new quarter.

GSOP enforces attendance standards for students taking a particular course for “Credit.” If a “Credit” student has unexcused absences for more than three class sessions, he/she will be required to re-take the course at a later time. Students taking a course for “Credit” are required to notify Instructors in advance of any planned absences so that they might be recorded as excused.

There are no attendance requirements for “Audit” students.

Students may request a review or appeal of a quarter grade by notifying the course Instructor. All grade reviews and appeals are arbitrated by the local Campus Director, whose decision in each case is final and binding.