The Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies is a non-profit, educational institution sponsored by, and affiliated with, churches of Christ in Georgia. Our school has a network of campuses located throughout the state, with plans for additional locations in the future. We also offer an archived curriculum of online and streamed courses designed for those students who cannot attend a local campus. Each location operates independently, and is overseen by a local eldership and campus director who plan and implement the daily operations for their respective campus.

The Georgia School of Preaching and Biblical Studies charges NO fees or tuition of any kind. The only expenses you will incur will be the purchase of class materials (commentaries, workbooks, or other books required by the instructor).  These are usually very reasonable in cost and are available from several different sources.

Absolutely! Most of our students are not planning on getting their preaching certificate (although many of them are).  These are people, like you, who simply want to increase their Bible knowledge, or want specialized training in Mission work or Church Leadership.

The answer to that is in your hands. You can take as long, or as little, as your personal situation requires.  You know your abilities and schedule best, and this allows YOU to direct your path to certification.   Our Preaching and Biblical Studies certificates can be earned in four years, part-time, if you put in the time and effort.  Our Missions and Church Leadership certificates can be earned in 2-3 years, with the same effort.

Most of the courses offered by GSOP are available both in-person AND live-streamed/recorded. Soon, ALL our scheduled classes will be available online.  We do not believe that distance should keep a student from attending GSOP and getting all they can from the experience.

This is the best part. We have made it SO easy to begin your studies with us.  Simply go to the map and take a look at what the individual campuses have to offer.  When you find the classes that you are most interested in, just fill out the enrollment form.  The campus director or the instructor will reach out to you with the information that you will need to know to start class.  This will typically be a syllabus for the class, which book you will need, and times and dates for class sessions.

After 2-3 weeks of classes, it is very difficult to jump into a class already in session, and we do not recommend it. The instructor has some discretion in letting a student in late, but again, we do not recommend it.   However, GSOP has archived some courses from our adjunct instructors that are shorter, one credit-hour courses.  These are great classes to take in the off-season and they will still challenge you.

The Georgia School of Preaching has reached a working agreement whereby any credit hours earned with us are transferrable to select four-year, Christian universities. Freed-Hardeman University, Faulkner University, Heritage University, and Amridge University all accept earned credit from GSOP that can be applied to their undergraduate programs.  If you are thinking about attending any of these great schools, you can earn free credit hours with us, which can save you tuition dollars with them.  This is a win-win situation for prospective students.