The curriculum at the Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies is structured on a thirty-six (36) hour path to graduation.

Courses are designed on a one (1) or two (2) hour academic credit basis. One (1) hour courses require a minimum of thirteen (13) hours of instruction – or the equivalent, while the two (2) hour courses require twenty-six (2) hours of instruction – or the equivalent. Where GSOP campuses do not offer a full schedule of in-class hours, the equivalency requirement is fulfilled through completion of independent study projects such as outside readings, research papers, or other exercises determined and developed by the course Instructor.

GSOP curriculum is based on one of two paths of study.

Students may pursue one of the following certificate paths:

1) Preaching Certificate: Designed for those who wish to prepare for service in full-time ministry.

2) Biblical Studies Certificate: General path of study designed for any student.

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The following courses – arranged under each certificate path – meet the academic requirements listed above.

Preaching Certificate

(R – Required Course; S – Suggested Course).

Introduction to New Testament (R)

Problems Facing the Church (S)

Introduction to Research and Composition (S)

Leadership in the Local Church (R)

Denominational Doctrines (R)

Introduction to Old Testament (S)

Preparation & Delivery of Sermons I, II (R)

Introduction to Greek I (R), II (S)

Introduction to Hebrew I, II (S)

The Life & Work of a Preacher I, II (R)

Hermeneutics (R)

Scheme of Redemption (S)

Christian Evidences & Apologetics (S)

Church History I, II (S)

Christian Counseling (S)

Evangelism (R)

Youth Ministry (S)

Preacher & His Finances (S)

The Life & Work of a Missionary (S)

The New Testament Church in the Modern World (S)

Biblical Studies Certificate






1 Corinthians

2 Corinthians

History of Israel 1-2


1-2 Peter

Epistles of John & Jude

1-2 Thessalonians

1-2 Timothy



Jeremiah & Lamentations


Proverbs & Ecclesiastes


Between The Testaments

Prison Epistles 1 (Ephesians & Philippians)

Prison Epistles 2 (Colossians & Philemon)


Acts of the Apostles

Synoptic Gospels




Psalms & Song of Solomon

Hosea, Joel & Amos

Obadiah, Jonah, & Micah

Nahum, Habakkuk & Zephaniah

Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi

Gospel of John

The Godhead

Life of Christ – His Pre-Existence & Earthly Life

Lands & Culture of Bible Times (formerly – Bible Geography)

World Religions