Archived Course Registration Confirmation

Thank you for registering for an archived course offered by the Georgia School of Preaching and Biblical Studies. Your instructor(s) will email you with instructions on how to get started.

In the meantime, here are some important points regarding taking an online course:

  • Watch each session at your convenience. Don’t hesitate to watch a session more than once if needed.
  • Please report any problems or issues with the videos to your instructor(s).
  • Your final exam will need to be proctored. Your instructor(s) will make arrangements for this with someone in a congregation near you, or in a nearby GSOP campus (if there is one).
  • When you are done with the course, and your final exam is graded, you will receive a copy of all graded assignments and the final exam, along with your final grade report.

Online study offers the student a great deal of flexibility in terms of working through and completing the courses. However, we cordially ask that you, “put your hand to the plow,” and try to finish each course as soon as your schedule allows. Do NOT feel hurried at all. It is just that we find that students who stick with it have a greater history of course completion than those who work at it more occasionally.