Hello, and welcome.

On behalf of all the Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies family, we’d like to welcome you to our Online Campus. GSOP is an ever-growing network of servant-hearted Christians, who are dedicated to providing our students with an excellent and memorable education experience.

Our curriculum is thorough and balanced. Our graduates leave equipped to serve in local congregations, or to continue their education at an even higher level. Our instructors bring to the classroom the very best in academic preparation and experience in ministry. We constantly strive to put the student first, and care deeply for each individual who comes to our school.

GSOP courses are taught at the college level, so be prepared for a challenge. We encourage excellence in every course, and in every student, we teach. Our core belief is that the study of God’s Word is a lifetime pursuit. We seek to inspire and motivate our students to this end.

Financial considerations should never be an issue if someone truly wishes to study with us. Therefore, all GSOP courses are tuition-free. The only cost incurred by our students involves the purchase of textbooks. If a student cannot afford to pay for textbooks, we will make arrangements to provide those at no cost. GSOP operates on funding supplied by congregations and individual members of the Lord’s church. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of those who support us, we are able to provide “first-class” instruction and training for our students.

We also provide a number of ways to take our courses.

First and foremost, we have physical campuses located throughout Georgia. Chances are, if you live in our state, there is a campus not far from you. Second, selected courses are streamed live from our Marietta, Georgia, campus. Please contact our Marietta campus for further information on their schedule of these online courses. Third, an increasing number of our courses are archived in high-definition on this website. The student may take these courses at their leisure, and perhaps at a pace that better suits a busy, activity-filled life. Fourth, certain courses are offered on an independent study basis, with local Campus Directors providing the information on what their particular campus offers. Finally, GSOP offers short courses. These are conducted over a three-day period, and offer students the opportunity to earn one hour of academic credit.

GSOP exists as an arm of the church – to help train, nurture, and mature her members for excellence in service to God. Our staff of Directors and Instructors, together with the elders and volunteers that serve at each local congregation/campus, love The Lord, His Word, and His church. They give unselfishly of themselves, and of their time, to further the spread of the Gospel, and strengthen the Kingdom of God.

You will never meet a more wonderful group of people.

We want to commend you for your interest in spiritual things, and for giving us a few minutes to tell you about our school. It is our joy and privilege to serve and assist you in any way possible. And, as always, you are invited to… Come take a class, and bring a friend!