Steering Committee

GSOP Steering Committee Operational Profile & Charter

  1. THE GSOP STEERING COMMITTEE has been established as a board of information and recommendation to the State Director of the Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies.
  2. The GSOP Steering Committee shall be comprised of a minimum of seven and a maximum of nine members. All nine members will have voting privileges, with ONE (1) additional advisory member having voting privilege only if a sufficient quorum is not present when a vote is taken.
  3. Steering Committee members shall serve a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years. During years 4-5, members may leave the committee with provision for their seat being filled by another qualified appointee. The Steering Committee shall vote on all new member admission to the committee.
  4. The Steering Committee is comprised of an assemblage of Campus Directors, Instructors, and Alumni. Steering Committee members commonly serve as elders, deacons, preachers, teachers or in other capacities in ministry, and/or in the congregations where their church membership resides.
  5. One member of the Steering Committee shall serve as Chairman for a period of twelve months. The Chairman leads in all activities of the committee inclusive of chairing formal meetings, discussion, and voting. The Chairman delivers the formal results of Steering Committee deliberation and voting to the GSOP Director, who in turn delivers them to the overseeing elders. Notification of Steering Committee members of all pertinent events and matters of concern shall be the responsibility of the Chairman.
  6. The Director of GSOP acts exclusively as a facilitator for the Steering Committee. The Director works in conjunction with the Steering Committee Chairman to schedule meetings, and in the presentation of the matters/issues to be considered by the Steering Committee. The GSOP Director shall also act to gather any (additional) information or data that might aid the Steering Committee in its deliberation & voting. The GSOP Director is not an official member of the Steering Committee and has no voting privilege therein.
  7. Any amendments or other changes made to the Steering Committee Charter shall be the sole right and responsibility of the Piedmont Road (GSOP overseeing) eldership. Final approval on any suggestions, recommendations and/or amendments or changes to the Steering Committee Charter shall come exclusively from the Piedmont Road (GSOP overseeing) eldership.