From the Elders

As the founding eldership of the Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies, please allow us to welcome you to our school and to this website.

In 1999, the elders at the Piedmont Road church of Christ made the decision to begin a school of preaching. The desire was to create and host a school that welcomed anyone having a sincere desire to study the Bible. This is still one of the fundamental goals of GSOP today.

Since 1999, our school has grown tremendously. We now have campuses spread throughout Georgia, and even into Alabama. We are honored to be associated with elderships throughout the southeast in this great work. GSOP is overseen at each campus by elders who serve as shepherds of the host congregation. Their faithfulness and dilgence have helped keep GSOP strong, doctrinally sound, and moving forward. Too, our sharing in this work has helped promote unity among the many congregations involved, and hopefully, throughout the Lord’s church.

The future of GSOP is bright. The Lord willing, we carefully and prayerfully plan for its continued growth in the coming years. We offer many different options for taking GSOP courses – online classes, courses taught via internet streaming, as well as our traditional, campus-based classes. Our students come from many different congregations and locations throughout Georgia, and from all over the U.S. We even have students located in foreign countries. We are thankful for each one.

GSOP is fortunate and blessed to have a tremendous Bible faculty. Our Instructors are dedicated Christians who are faithful to God and His Book. These men have devoted many years of their lives in preparation for service to the Lord and His church, and are uniquely capable to help prepare others to serve. We appreciate each one of them so very much.

We want to thank you for visiting this website, and for your interest in GSOP. We hope your experience as a GSOP student is a source of great encouragement and blessing to you.

The Elders
Piedmont Road church of Christ
Marietta, Georgia