GSOP Directors have a great responsibility. Together with the different elderships that oversee our campuses, these men plan class schedules, recruit students and instructors, do public relations and church relations work, budget, and are responsible for a host of other things. Each one loves the work they do, and are genuinely interested in seeing every student excel in their studies. Please pray for these men, and know that they are striving to make each GSOP campus a place where God’s Word is accurately, thoroughly, and respectfully taught.

David Decker - GSOP Director

  • Became a Christian in August of 1968.
  • Education: Georgia State University, Freed-Hardeman University (B.A.), Harding Graduate School of Religion (M.A.).
  • Experience:
    • Ministry: Preaching – Since 1980.
    • Mission Work: Jamaica, Palau, Fiji, Samoa, American Samoa, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, Tonga.
    • Chaplaincy: Marine Corps League, 1997-2007.
    • Advisory Board: Freed-Hardeman University – July 2000-January 2013.
    • Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies: Instructor – 1999-Present, Director – 2005-Present.

Jeremy Barton - Adairsville Campus Director

  • Became a Christian in May of 1999
  • Education: Kennesaw State University (B.A.), Freed-Hardman University (M.A.)
  • Experience:
    • Preaching part-time various congregations since 2009
    • Mission work in Philippines 2010-present
    • Staff instructor, Asian Christian University, Bugallon, Philippines 2015-present

Tom Bosworth - Villa Rica Campus Director

Dave Domingue - Middle Georgia (Warner Robins) Campus Director

  • Became a Christian in 1983.
  • Education: Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies, Freed-Hardeman University (M.A. New Testament; M.Div to be completed in 2017); Amridge University (Ph. D. New Testament - ongoing)
  • Experience:
    • Ministry: Preaching – Over 10 years.
    • Serve GA congregations in Warner Robins, Eastman, Byron and others.
    • Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies: Instructor – 2012-Present, Director – 2013-Present.

Curtis Kingsley - Ellijay Campus Director

John Murrell - Munford, AL Campus Director

  • Schooling:
    • Grades 1-4 Munford, Grades 5-10 Leeds, Grades 11-12 Tuscaloosa High School. High School graduation May 1962.
    • June 1, 1962 –February 1966 University of Alabama - Major Accounting
    • March 1966 – August 1968 Livingston University Graduation with BS in Business Administration.
    • October 1968 – November 1968 Elkin Institute of Technology Passed FCC test for First Class Radiotelephone Operator License
  • Work Experience:
    • Worked in Broadcasting from June 1962 - July 2015
  • Became a Christian in June 1955
  • Attended Leeds church of Christ until August 1960.
  • Attended University church of Christ until March 1966.
  • Attended Livingston church of Christ until August 1968.
  • Attended Central church of Christ until September 1969.
  • I have attended Munford church of Christ September 1969 – Present time.
  • I have taught a number of young and adult classes and have filled in preaching when needed.
  • Served Munford church of Christ as a deacon from 1982 – 1989 working with the young people.
  • Served Munford church of Christ from 1989 –present as an elder.
  • Director of Munford Campus GSOP September 2015 – present.

David Nelson - Valdosta (Dasher) Campus Director

Rick Sharpe - Fayetteville Campus Director

Ray Strickland - Avondale Campus Director

Tommy Tidwell - Piedmont Rd. Campus Director

  • Became a Christian in April of 1974.
  • Education: International Bible College (A.A) , University of North Alabama, Magnolia Bible College (B.A.) Heritage Christian University (M.A)
  • Experience:
    • Ministry: Preaching – Over 30 years; Eldership – Since 2005.
    • Served congregations in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. Preacher – South Cobb church of Christ, 1990-Present.
    • Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies: Instructor – 2005-Present, Director / Villa Rica Campus-2012-Present.