GSOP is comprised of dedicated men and women who serve in a variety of ways throughout our network of campuses. Each one is passionate about our mission of, “Equipping the saints for the work of ministry…”

Overseeing our work at each campus of GSOP are faithful Elders. These men keep a close watch on every aspect of our work, and are an integral part of the decisions and plans that are made for the future of each GSOP campus.

Daily operations at each of our locations are led by those who serve as Campus Directors. Their duties include scheduling classes, ordering textbooks and materials, coordinating the work of their instructors, promoting their respective campuses, recruiting students, and facilitating all related student issues. GSOP could not do its work without these outstanding men.

GSOP Instructors are where the “rubber meets the road.”

Each one brings to the classroom a wealth of knowledge, along with a highly distinguished resume of academic achievement and faithful Christian service. Our instructors love God, His Word, the church, their families and their fellowman. This is evident to every student who attends our school.

Most of our instructors hold graduate degrees, and have either preached or served in related facets of ministry for many years. Some have served in other schools of preaching and/or college and university settings. Their dedication to study, teaching, preaching, and the highest levels of academic achievement and professionalism serve to make GSOP classes among the very best.

The many GSOP Volunteers who serve in often unheralded ways offer a layer of support that is vital to our school’s well-being. Those who provide administrative support, event coordination and hosting, meal preparation, financial assistance, and service in other key roles enable us to offer a variety of student services.

Every member of the GSOP family goes the “second mile” in an effort to be helpful, respectful, encouraging, and genuinely concerned about each student. Our charge is to train, equip, assist and support – while modeling the highest standards of integrity, excellence, and faithfulness.

The many sacrifices that our overseeing elders, campus directors, instructors, and volunteers (and their families) make on behalf of GSOP are greatly appreciated. We gratefully recognize and salute them for the work they do.