Academics Overview

The Georgia School of Preaching & Biblical Studies does not offer accredited undergraduate or graduate degrees. This is not our focus.

Rather, GSOP students may pursue one of two primary paths of study and achievement – the Biblical Studies Certificate and the Preaching Certificate.

Both certificates require thirty-six (36) hours of earned academic credit for graduation.

Biblical Studies Certificate

The Biblical Studies Certificate is a broad path of study which allows students to choose any course in our curriculum in satisfying the thirty-six (36) hour requirement. This is the path chosen by many who are not planning to serve in full-time ministry. If the student chooses the Biblical Studies Certificate, no academic advisement is necessary. Simply choose from our GSOP Student Handbook & Catalogue the courses you wish to take, complete the registration process, and come to class.

Preaching Certificate

The more focused Preaching Certificate path requires students to take at least sixteen (16) of the required thirty-six (36) hours from a core group of preaching/ministry-related courses. A list of these courses and their respective descriptions is found in the Curriculum section of this website, as well as in the GSOP Student Handbook & Catalogue. It is recommended that Preaching Certificate students consult their local Campus Director for counsel and planning in choosing the the courses that will best fit the student’s career goals in ministry.

Academic Requirements

All GSOP courses are taught on a collegiate level, and are similar to curriculum offerings at other schools of preaching. Courses offer either one or two (1-2) hours of academic credit, depending on the nature of the course and the amount of material to be covered.

The majority of our courses are structured for a thirteen (13) week class time duration, with the exception of selected satellite campuses/courses which are taught in either an abbreviated quarterly format (usually seven (7) weeks), or in a short-course format (which can vary in terms of structure and number of class sessions).

GSOP courses may be taken for either “Credit” or “Audit.”


In order to earn Credit hours for GSOP courses, academic requirements listed in the GSOP Student Handbook & Catalogue, or those set by the course Instructor(s), must be fulfilled. These routinely involve testing, class project(s), attendance, class participation, and/or other assessment tasks.

If a student declares at enrollment that they wish to take a particualr course for “Credit,” the student will be given three weeks of class time to change this designation to “Audit,” or withdraw from the course. After the first three weeks of class sessions, “Credit” students will not be allowed to alter their status for the course, unless an extreme hardship is involved. The Instructor and/or Campus Director shall make the determination if a student’s situation qualifies for this change.

“Credit” students not completing course work for a particular course will be given a grade of “I” (Incomplete), and will be given one full academic term (seven (7) – thirteen (13) weeks) to complete the course work required for a grade. If the work is not completed in this time frame, a grade of “F” (Failing) will be assigned to the student’s permanent academic record.

GSOP Instructors and Directors do everything possible to motivate students to finish their course work in a timely manner. It is not our desire to award failing grades. However, in order to be a viable and credible institution of learning, we must adhere to standards that are fair and consistent. We are confident that our students would accept no less from us.


Students choosing to Audit courses are not expected to fulfill academic course requirements. The student is free to enter or exit the course at any time. Audit students are expected to abide by the same standards of in-class conduct and behavior as all GSOP students.

A Pursuit of Excellence

GSOP strives for excellence in every facet of its operation. We seek to challenge and motivate our students both academically and spiritually. In order for our earned credit hours to be transferrable to affiliated colleges and universities, performance standards for both instructor and student must be maintained at the highest possible level.

While an atmosphere of grace and flexibility exists in every course and classroom, GSOP is, indeed, a R-E-A-L school. We constantly endeavor to set the bar high, so as to motivate our students to grow and increase their level of achievement. However, we also realize that to be overly-demanding would only serve to discourage and dishearten some. We daily and prayerfully walk this fine line, and make every effort to do everything in our power to encourage our students rather than discourage them.

Our unending pursuit and exhortation is the same one Paul issued to Timothy, “…be diligent to show yourself approved to God, a worker that does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth…” (2 Timothy 2:15).